1. dec. 2011

Middlesex University


My impression of MDX

I was so impressed by Middlesex, even though a few things didn’t go according to their plan, but the Jillian was exuding enthusiasm and passion for the course. I truly felt inspired after the Open Day. This is probably the first place that has made me really excited.

As it is a completely new build, the facilities are absolutely amazing, endless opportunities for getting creative and playing with new materials and techniques, yes, on that respect it reminded me a lot of University of West England, but Middlesex had a better university feel, where University of West England reminded me of a school or a college.

The location probably wasn’t the most exciting place, but its not too far away from central London and perhaps that is beneficial, that it’s not bang in city centre – less distractions and more focus on studies!

They also offer other great opportunity such as studying abroad, one downside they don’t attend Graduate Fashion Week.

This will definitely be on the top five-list.



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