30. nov. 2011

Nottingham Trent University


My impression of NTU

I was really looking forward to NTU and I was overall really impressed, until the course talk. The tutors didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the subject, and they read up from pieces of paper. I expected that they would know what they are talking about and didn’t have the need to support themselves with pieces of paper.

So I was really disappointed, everything else seemed good, the atmosphere was great and people around there were really helpful.

I also went on a tour around the Bonington building where most of my time would be spent and it was students that were showing us around. In the studios they had laid loads of sketchbooks and portfolios out on the tables, so you could get an impression of the kind of level and projects they would be doing. I was really impressed about how diverse the students were and I could imagine myself studying in such a place.

I also got the opportunity to talk to one of the Fashion students. Basically she said that they were made loads of promises that their tutors didn’t keep, such as going abroad and the exchange was probably not going to happen, because of the cost. I also asked about what sort of CAD programmes they used, she said Photoshop and Illustrator, then asked if they used some of the CAD software that is specifically designed for the fashion industry and she just looked at me blank. You got the impression that she suddenly felt like she had been missing out, and said that after this conversation she would go and find her tutor and ask why the hasn’t been using any of that kind of software.

It makes you wonder when Sean said they were always looking out for the newest software to get the students the best opportunities…



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