3. sep. 2012


So I realize that I haven't been blogging in forever - and there's a reason for that. 
For one around June I was working hard on finishing my Final Major Project, then I had my first order and then summer came and I've basically just been hibernating ALL summer. So these past few weeks I've been working on a new blog, where you will find me now: www.hannah-kim-ford.blogspot.com 
so I will no longer be updating here - and who knows if Julie will ever return to blogging on this site ;) It's been fun while it lasted, and I hope you will follow my new adventures on my new blog!


17. maj 2012

FMP - Update #2

I think it is about time that I give you an update on my Final Major Project.

  1. I finally got some material for my jacket, it got some Soy Jersey, instead of Bamboo. Warning to you all can't recommend purchasing sustainable material from ECO EARTH FABRICS, it just too much hassle. 
  2. I got a new bias binder maker, but it's not easy to use with the Bamboo Silk. 
  3. You know how I said that it would be quicker and easier to use chemical dyes? Well someone having laugh and it's not me! The bamboo silk, was fairly easy to be fair. But the Soy Jersey, has caused me sleepless night (literally) - I think I have re-dyed it 4-5 times! It has come out the 'right' colour as a initially wanted, but now I'm not sure if it's dark enough or not. Although after starring at it for the best part of 3 hours I decided to leave it - cause the only other option was to dye it black (its navy blue at the moment). The thing is, black just a little bit too black, or should I say dark? Hope you know what I mean! 
  4. The photoshoot, I've been in contact with the V&A and they do a special deal for students! So now you don't have to lend me £8000, btw, no one offered! So I'm currently trying to figure, when these bloody garments will be finished to I can get on with it. I'm still thinking about filming/shooting at Wendover Woods. It's always good to have a range of places, because even though you imagine that something great is going to turn out, it just might not, considering my luck!
  5. Originally my FMP deadline was the 18th of May, but now its been moved to the following Friday, so the 25th! Heh, definitely wouldn't have been able to hand it in on Friday! Thank God for extensions! 
Thats all for now! 


15. maj 2012

PA - Joy Division #6

Tadaa! So I finally got around to upload these photos and edit them, I must say that it is ten times easier at college on the Macs as they just WORK. I think my Macbook Pro is having a slow death, but I need it to survive so I can take it with me to university. 

So what to you think? Bit boring, okay? 

Advise of the day: don't attempt to sew in silk its just not worth it, it gives you more grey hairs than you could ever imagine. 


8. maj 2012

PA - Joy Division #5

Samples.jpg Samples
Just to show some Joy Division print samples before I show you the final outcome. 
The massive blue splodge wasn't intentionally, it was a bloody first year that knocked over the ink pot - and then she even said that it was okay, because it's 'only' a sample! Deep breath, I could have ripped her head off! I suppose it was pleasing when my tutor told her of, hehe. 

Anyway even after doing samples, the final outcome actually looks significantly different if you ask me, but I guess I notice it more as I am the one working on it and the details are noticeable for the one working on the project, 

Hope you're all well and enjoying your Tuesday! 


7. maj 2012

PA - Joy Division #4

Screenprep.jpg Screenprep
Sorry for being so quite lately, but I haven't got much to show you, as everything is at a stand still. Most of the time I'm doing journal work and I'll spare you from that, unless you of course are interested?

Here's part four from the Joy Division project, I have actually completed the project now, so I'll show you the final outcome soon! 
On the above images I'm prepping the screen with my print, ready to get exposed - and pattern cutting the dress/tunic that I'm printing the print on. 

Today its bank holiday in England and I am spending the day with my grandparents - to celebrate my Grandpa's 87th birthday, which is actually first on Wednesday. 

Still haven't had the opportunity to go back to Wendover Woods to look at the location during some dryer weather, as it still keeps stucking it down with rain. 


28. apr. 2012

FMP - Location

This morning I spend at Wendover Woods with my uncle, seeking out for the perfect location for my photoshoot/short film that will showcase the garments that I have made for my Final Major Project. 

Took these pictures while we were out there, to remember the locations that might be suitable. It was a bit muddy and foggy out there today, so I'll be going back to check how the lighting is on a sunnier day. 

I really enjoyed our walk and talk out there, spending some niece/uncle time together, not often that happens! Walking in the woods makes me miss the times that spend with the scouts in Denmark. Or we actually call it "bæver" and "ulve". Ah that was a long time ago!


26. apr. 2012

FMP - Update

Things aren't going great with my FMP at the moment. Its a tiresome story, I thought that I was going back on track again, but there just seems to come more obstacles and I'm finding it hard to keep my head held high. 

  1. The Jersey Bamboo at Eco Earth Fabrics was suddenly out of stock.
    • They don't reply to emails and they don't pick up the phone when you ring them.
    • I've ordered Soy Jersey instead, which is more expensive, but a better quality. 
  2. The bias binder maker turned out to be the wrong size, I now I have to buy another one. 
    • I don't feel familiar with Ebay, so when I order the right size (12mm), I suddenly realized that it takes them 5-7 days to deliver... 
  3. The plan was to dye the materials with natural dyes, I've been doing the research - and found out that it's going to take severals days to complete. Contrary the chemicals dyes takes less than a day!
    • So now the plan has changed and I'll have to go with the chemical dyes, otherwise I won't be able to meet the deadline. Although the chemical dyes defeats the purpose of the project, by following the sustainable values. 
  4.  My Soy Jersey still hasn't arrived. 
  5. Considering the crap weather that we have had lately, I have to find a back-up plan for the location of the photoshoot and short film. 
    • Anyone fancy's giving me £8000 so I can hire a venue at the Victoria and Albert museum? 
  6. And just to moan a little more, the internet and my Mac has been working like shit today, so I thought I'd give Google Chrome a go, instead of using Safari. I worked better in the first 10 minutes, now its just as poor as Safari! 
Sorry for the boring blog post, but its a part of the journey - and its better to get the full picture, then the glorified moments.