28. apr. 2012

FMP - Location

This morning I spend at Wendover Woods with my uncle, seeking out for the perfect location for my photoshoot/short film that will showcase the garments that I have made for my Final Major Project. 

Took these pictures while we were out there, to remember the locations that might be suitable. It was a bit muddy and foggy out there today, so I'll be going back to check how the lighting is on a sunnier day. 

I really enjoyed our walk and talk out there, spending some niece/uncle time together, not often that happens! Walking in the woods makes me miss the times that spend with the scouts in Denmark. Or we actually call it "bæver" and "ulve". Ah that was a long time ago!


26. apr. 2012

FMP - Update

Things aren't going great with my FMP at the moment. Its a tiresome story, I thought that I was going back on track again, but there just seems to come more obstacles and I'm finding it hard to keep my head held high. 

  1. The Jersey Bamboo at Eco Earth Fabrics was suddenly out of stock.
    • They don't reply to emails and they don't pick up the phone when you ring them.
    • I've ordered Soy Jersey instead, which is more expensive, but a better quality. 
  2. The bias binder maker turned out to be the wrong size, I now I have to buy another one. 
    • I don't feel familiar with Ebay, so when I order the right size (12mm), I suddenly realized that it takes them 5-7 days to deliver... 
  3. The plan was to dye the materials with natural dyes, I've been doing the research - and found out that it's going to take severals days to complete. Contrary the chemicals dyes takes less than a day!
    • So now the plan has changed and I'll have to go with the chemical dyes, otherwise I won't be able to meet the deadline. Although the chemical dyes defeats the purpose of the project, by following the sustainable values. 
  4.  My Soy Jersey still hasn't arrived. 
  5. Considering the crap weather that we have had lately, I have to find a back-up plan for the location of the photoshoot and short film. 
    • Anyone fancy's giving me £8000 so I can hire a venue at the Victoria and Albert museum? 
  6. And just to moan a little more, the internet and my Mac has been working like shit today, so I thought I'd give Google Chrome a go, instead of using Safari. I worked better in the first 10 minutes, now its just as poor as Safari! 
Sorry for the boring blog post, but its a part of the journey - and its better to get the full picture, then the glorified moments.


25. apr. 2012

FMP - Fittings

Fittings-2.jpg Fittings-2
Today I finally got to meet Ellie, my form tutors daughter. I know that perhaps sounds a bit weird, but here's the explanation; at some given stage I was telling Ali about my project and that I wanted a model that both was great a being photographed, but also could dance, preferably contemporary or ballet. Back then Ali suggested her daughter, because she reckoned that Ellie could be up for that job. Ali proposed the idea to Ellie and she accepted, since then there has been some back and forth communication - and we came to an agreement sometime before the Easter holidays. 

So today, as I said before, I had the honors of meeting Ellie, she's actually the same age as Shannon (cousin) - and they know each other from school, small world, eh? 

Anyway, fittings went well, I only have to do minor alterations - and we had a great brainstorm between the three of us (Ali, Ellie and I), about how to create the short film, the feeling, the mood and the style of dance. 

Besides that it has been a fairly boring morning and a fairly hectic afternoon, with dramas such as not knowing where I had placed my Joy Division dress! I think my brain is having a melt down with everything thats going on, plus I got told that I cannot perform a natural dyeing process at college, because I need a hob - and they won't give the print room one, because of heath and safety! This bloody country and their piles of rules!

Today we also had a sneak peak of where our end of year exhibitions is held at. It is a beautiful place - and credit to the tutors because its well thought out, with regarding people actually seeing the display. On the other hand the location is in a cellar and NO way near disabled friendly! I told them that - and their answer was that they were going to make sure that my auntie (she's the one that's been attending the parents evenings...), even if they would have to carry her down! Bless them, as they say here in Britain!

I'll give you more details soon!

Time for bed!


23. apr. 2012

PA - Joy Division #3

I'm a few weeks behind with updating you on the Joy Division project too. In actual fact it was supposed to be handed in the week before the Easter holidays, I can tell you that, that didn't happen, the deadline has been moved to the 15th April. 
I was going for a washed grey, believe it or not, but the two swatches above are to different, but they came out exactly the same. 

Can't wait to show you the final outcome. 


21. apr. 2012


Its the first time that I have posted images of the Beavers, where I'm voluntarily help out, its always great hanging out with a bunch of 6-8 year old boys. The tricky thing about taking images of them, is that I'm not allowed to put them online legally without their parents permission, unless you can't see the face of any of them, hence the selection of images. 
It as the last meeting before Easter and the weather was great, we just took them to the park so they could have a play - we also did games with them. 
Want more days like these, contrary the rain that we have had all week! No more, can't take no more, I'm getting bored of being soaking wet!


20. apr. 2012

FMP - Toile #3-5

Stepbystep3.jpg Stepbystep3

Easter holidays are over and I've had my first week back at college. Had a bit of a rough start to the week, but hey ho, might as well get back to everyday life again. 

On Friday 30th March I turned 18, didn't make a big deal out of it, but my family and a friend came over to celebrate. Ended up spending a few hours at the hospital in the morning as I cleverly slammed a car door on my thumb! Ups! Then went to college did a few bits and got picked up by Mum, Dad, Martin and Mette. We had a really nice evening at a pub in London that specializes in pies - and I really wanted a good traditional English meal. After that my Dad had planned a trip to Camden as he had found a gig, so we could hear some music, unfortunately that cancelled last minute which was a shame, so we ended up just wandering around Camden, as none of us had ever really been there before. 

Spended Easter on family marathons (as in visiting every family member, now the Danes where over, but also to celebrate me, I served them all "kage og boller" (cakes and rolls) and in the second week I did the dreaded 'Hjemmeopgave' from the Danish Design School and I'll know the results on 9th May. The Hjemmeopgave is a project that the Danish Design School gives you as a part of the application process. As it isn't the norm to have done what I have done - college, as previous experience, so they do it so they have an idea of the level that you are at. So fingers crossed and I'll hopefully the invited to an interview. 

Soon I'll give you an uni update as a lot of things has happened lately. 

Anyway I'm back and ready to rumble!