2. dec. 2011

Central Saint Martins


08112011131.jpg CSM hall
08112011131.jpg CSM hall
08112011131.jpg CSM hall
08112011131.jpg CSM hall
My impression of CSM

First impression was fantastic building from the inside, looks like an old building from the outside. They are high on punctuality but don’t follow through themselves. It was a shame that I was to slow on booking on to the Womenswear Open Day, because then it would have been a bit more focused on what it is I want to do. On the other hand it was also great to hear about the other courses, especially because there was a least one student from each course, that you could ask questions to, which was really helpful.

I did find it rather strange that there were no tours of the building or the studios, no accommodation talk or similar things that other universities offered. I do accept that they did it on a weekday, but that should bring an even better opportunity to show what’s going on right now.

However I did leave the place feeling inspired and in some ways that I hadn’t missed out on much, although I had only been there for an hour and three quarters, but perhaps that’s the point they’re making.

I did have a little nose around on the ground floor before I left the building. It looked like they had great installation/exhibition place to showcase their students work, the overall feel was very industrial, but cool.

What really caught me though, was that the students that they had brought in for the course talk came from all over the place, at least fifty percent came from abroad. I know it might sound a bit silly, but it made me feel at ease and that I might just belong there, considering how they want fifty present of their students be international and then there’s the EU students too.



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