23. jan. 2012

FMP - Kimono Part Three

All photos taken by me, with a Olympus X-1

So I finally finished the Alexander McQueen jacket, as I have said before it turned out to be a lot more tricky than anticipated, but I'm really pleased with the result - except for that awful material! Its done, its sit funny, but that because the mannequin is too small for the actual size of the jacket, but my tutor and I still have a funny feeling about how it sits.

This week in Construction I will be focusing on fabric manipulation and start on a Japanese pattern from the Pattern Magic 2 book! Its always good with a challenge.

The fabric manipulation is mainly to boost my portfolio, as I haven't got any images from previous fabric manipulation sessions and the college isn't the most organised one in the world...

I know I haven't been really good at updating this week, but I'd rather show you finished pieces instead of the mess of a step-by-step.

Now time to watch Stephen Fry: The Secret of the Manic Depression, it watching it in relation to the Joy Division project, as there are theories about Ian Curtis having bipolar, although at the time he was only ever diagnosed with epilepsy.


20. jan. 2012

Endless Pockets #2


If I end up back in Denmark to further my education at university AND I will be studying at a uni that is located in Copenhagen, I have been dreaming for a while about getting a little wooden house in the garden, that could become a stakeout for sewing and creativity.
I would even bee cheeky enough to say that it is also a dream of my mothers and she would come out and do some painting. The tricky bit would be that a lot of these wooden houses doesn't have a lot of windows and light is essential! So perhaps a glass house is better? ;)

Although sharing a shed like this would become a constant battle between my mum and I, as I like mess and she is ultra tidy!

But it would have to be 'hyggelig' and strictly permitted for girls only, unless in situation where a man is needed.

If only I had endless pockets...


15. jan. 2012

FMP - Kimono Part Two

P1110086.jpg P1110094-1.jpg
Just a quick one before heading to bed! So here is the whole kimono completed in lovely calico! Reasonably pleased with the end result - a good thing to do for research, so its also hands-on instead of doing computer research all the time.

Unfortunately I didn't complete the McQueen jacket as I had hoped for, on Friday, turned out to be a lot more tricky than I had planned for. Ouch - might have to look at my time management! Now it even turns out that a third of the instructions are missing! Plus the fact that I haven't cut out the sleeves! Doh, get your head in the game Miss Ford! But the good thing is that since I had the experience from making the above kimono, the rest of the instructions aren't needed, because I know what I'm doing! Whoop, whoop!

Any thoughts on a Sunday evening? (Or Monday?)

Hope you have had a good weekend! More exciting than mine...

Although the best feature of today was the excitement of my Dad, when we talked about how to layout a portfolio! He was literally jumping and dancing of excitement - yup that's my Dad! Great to get some positive energy into this rather gloomy January...


13. jan. 2012

FMP - Kimono Part One

Photos taken by me, with a Olympus XZ-1

Thursday! Weekend is approaching and its needed.
The pictures are of a kimono that I made last week, not my own design though, its a simplified version of an Alexander McQueen kimono. It's possible to download the pattern of Showstudio, if you want the link, please let me know so I can find out, as it was my tutor that got it for me.
These are just a few detail pics, I'll show you some full-scale of the jacket later on.

This week I have currently been working on the actual Alexander McQueen kimono, which is turning out to be a bit tricky, but I'm up for a challenge, I'll show you when its done.

Next week I'll hopefully be getting some responds from my Printed Accessories tutor, regarding if we are going through with sales of the scarfs - done 'privately', instead of through college. So please let me know, if you are interested.
Which reminds me that I still haven't posted a picture of the scarf that I gave my Mum - I try and get that up during the weekend.


12. jan. 2012

Unstoppable Fashion


Came across this fashion editorial the other day, just thought it was different! I mean have you ever seen such fashionable girls wearing crutches?

A little inspiration for the day!


10. jan. 2012

FMP - Mood Boards

It makes blogging easier when your journal/sketchbook is digital - thats why I now have the opportunity to show you the first mood board pages for my final major project (FMP)... Beware this is a heavy picture post!


9. jan. 2012


We are just about to start a new project in Printed Accessories, titled Joy Division. All I know for now is that its going to be based on this late 1970s post-industrial Manchester post-punk band. Tuesday we saw the documentary about them, really rather depressing and tragic.

The collage about, is my attempt to make a mood board, really not my strong side, but we were asked to produce a mood board for our next lesson, which is tomorrow.
Here's the proof that I have done my homework or should call it "self directed study", as college would put it.

Another news is that I have just received my new Olympus XZ-1 camera, so there will hopefully be a few more updates, with lots of photos! Hurray!