27. feb. 2012


Source: Style.com

On Friday we (as in the fashion students) went to London, to explore some fabric shops, see what was out there, but it was more or less unsuccessful regarding my FMP, as I'm going for sustainable fabrics, although far away from polyester! But it was a nice way to spend my first day back from Denmark, just hanging out with the crazy kids from Aylesbury College. Later on we checked out Liberty, first time there, I know! Outrageous! Definitely worth a visit, need to go there more often! Argh, there's nothing like being in designer heaven and feeling the materials, looking at the construction and stitching - I live such an exciting life!

When we had finished in Liberty we were free to go, my original plan was to go to the V&A and check out their Asian/Japan gallery, but instead I ended up going to Selfridges with my tutor (you can call me teachers pet if you want to!).
Have English people EVER heard of air condition, I'm surprised that I didn't dehydrate in there! Again heaven had come to earth, I couldn't believe it when I saw the above Comme Des Garcons dress! It wasn't even in a class box, like some of the really expensive dresses were. I was like a 4 year old really wanting a certain doll, I looked a my tutor and said: its a shame I can't take it to the changing room and try it on, I don't look like your average rich kid! I won't go into anymore technical detailing of how is was made.. But gosh!
Even after finishing circling around Selfridges, my tutor asked if there was anything else I wanted to see, I replied and say can we go back to Comme?


26. feb. 2012

Northern Women In Chanel


During my stay at home I took the opportunity to go to two exhibitions, one of them was Northern Women in Chanel at Design Museum Denmark. I'm sure you've heard all about it already - especially if you're interested in fashion. The exhibition was stunning and the pictures taken by Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz-Farago were mesmerizing. While there my Mum and I took the change to look around at the rest of the museum. They have some great stuff exhibited there, take a look if you're ever around Copenhagen.


Tune - Hometown

Living in the bobble of being home, for some reason my approach on everyday life changes when I'm back in Denmark, but I'm sure that I've told you that before. Just wanted to check in and say may the blogging begin again!


3. feb. 2012

Excuse My Absence!

Extremely busy and trying to demonstrate that by doing a to-do-list screen shoot seems ridiculous considering how small the text is now! Haha, silly me!

Here the list again!

Saturday – Monday:
    • Check emails
    • Life drawings
    • Fill out questionnaire for Westminster
  • FMP
    • Look at brief
    • Research into Japanese Tea Ceremony (instructions) - library
    • Email Emma regarding using Back to Black project as supporting research into 'classic' Japanese designers – therefor able to look a new Japanese Designers.
    • Ask Ali to make the retailers aware of the survey on Facebook Print page
    • Scarf project
    • Pictures of dye samples for 50's summer loving
    • Sort out Grey Gardens
    • Email Ali and Will with progress
    • Continue research on what to print on (garments, canvas etc.)
    • 1 page on color palettte, imagery and pantone reference
    • All research finished
    • 6 thumbnail designs for final outcome
    • Final outcome detailed
    • Take pictures for Julie – Ebay (maybe upload?)
    • Edit Kirsty Ward's pictures
Have a great weekend!