29. nov. 2011

Arts University College Bournemouth


My impression of AUCB

The university was really welcoming, and helpful with guiding you to the right places! The course talk covered both Fashion Design Technology and Fashion Studies, which I thought would be great as I could get a clear idea of which one that I was the most interested in, as I was in doubt when I arrived.

The question was raised several times; what is the difference between the two courses? It seemed like a hard question to answer, as the tutors weren’t exactly sure what to answer and looked searching at their students (there were two students there to talk about their experience with AUCB). As usual it is the students that are more helpful, and seem to be able to provide more information than the tutors. One student did mention the why and the how, which made sense in a way.

My understanding is that the FDT is more focused on the practical and technical side, such as pattern cutting, especially since they use 30% of their time using a CAD programme that is called Lectra. Whereas the FS course focuses more on the exploration of designing and how you can push the limits through that. Listening to the students it sounds like the actual pattern cutting and sewing skills are better achieved if you do the FDT course and you can tell the difference between the two courses by quality of making skills.

At the tour around the studios I went with the FDT tutor Sarah. I do want to become a fashion designer, but is it best to achieve that through a technical and practical background, because then you have a better understanding of what the limits are, or should you go the more creative way, because you might end up with really impressive ideas and designs that can take you far?

The atmosphere was great and you could sense a tight community-feel within the university.



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