10. maj 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Oh wait it is actually ONLY Tuesday. Damn this week is going to be sooo long.
Yesterday Monday, I went into college to catch up on some work, because I had been told to come in, and I do, because college is important to me. But hey, guess how many turned up? Oh, there were only Zoe and I, wauw! Oh wait and the best thing was that our teacher didn't even turn up, because she was ill! Oh well, but for once, our creative director, took the matters into his own hands. HE, was going to help and guide us through it all, although he wasn't around all day, he was willing to come down (his was on third floor) and see us whenever we needed him. So it all turned out pretty well, I didn't finished, but I made an agreement with him, that I could finish some things of at home and then put all the pieces together Monday morning. Hurray, I'm actually getting somewhere!

So normally we would have Sarah for Contemporary Accessories, but since she has been signed of ill for 2 weeks, Garry a totally new teacher, is going to replace her for at least until half term. We will also be having Garry for Construction from the 6th June. I must say that he exceeded my expectations, well I knew that he would be young, cause they had told us.
But today we had to develop some designs that we have been working on. And I must say, that quite frequently I feel lost, when I have to make a decision about what my final piece i going to be. It was just such a positive experience, he came with great feedback and was really good at getting my mind starting, and after a few minutes we sad there and fed of each others ideas! I now know what I'm doing and what I need done for next week. My lord, Garry has given me something to do over the weekend! The other thing was, that he also came with great ideas on how to present our work in journals. He wants us to try out an idea he has; buy a book from a charity shop in a reasonably size, then paint all the pages white, but so you still are able see a little bit of what used to be on the page. It will be all about layering stuff on each page, so the book will explode with inspiration and our thought process! Doesn't it sound great?!
It's been a while since I have been so excited about a project, I really dreaded this when we started 2 weeks ago, I suddenly feel so much more comfortable with this project.

So, so far it had been a great day.. A little wake-up call, hello Hannah you go to Aylesbury College. So? When it was time to have our Digital lesson, we are currently working on making portfolio pages that will be ready for next year, when we (hopefully) will be having interviews with universities. We had to take photos of some of the things that we have made, well today I only got to take photos of my dress and collar. But next week when my paper headpiece WILL be finished ON Monday, that will be going in too.
Anyway what frustrated me about the whole business of taking pictures, where that we were mend to help each other out. Julie (the teacher) asked us to help out Lizzie, but no one was bothered, and she look around at us all. And then Cherokee said: 'Hannah will help her' And then I just look at her and asked why she couldn't do it, 'I don't enjoy doing work.' By that time Julie had left, and I was taking my sandals of, we were in a photo studio, can the photography students aren't to keen on dirty shoes. Julie, came in again and asked: 'why aren't any of you helping Lizzie?' 'Because I'm trying to get my sandals off!'

So that was two days, only two more to go at college and I'll have a weekend...


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