11. maj 2011

Mess me up!

Ink and acrylic
Ink, acrylic, water, mess

So this is what I spend most of my day doing, argh wait, that is actually not true. But this was the more enjoyable part. Other wise I have been chasing my dear group members to do some work. Our models weren't there (the performing arts students), there had been an accident and they were all sent home. For God sake, sometimes I really think that the unseen forces are testing me all the time. I know this must sound slightly strange, but these days the first thing I do when I come into a classroom/studio is to take my shoes off! Why? Because it make me feel calm. I some weird way I feel more earth bound and I don't stress out as quickly. Nick, Cherokee and Daisy should have been pleased, because for once I didn't have a hissy fit at them today.
Anyway shouldn't really be sharing all my negative thoughts, because then you will be receiving negative energy.

But hey one of my best friends are chatting to be over msn and just making everything a little bit better :)

It's actually hard multitasking - blogging, National Movie Award, chatting and following a conversation with the family.

Hope you guys have had a good day!


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