26. nov. 2011

London College of Fashion


My impression of LCF

It’s a bit hard to judge since I more or less gatecrashed the place, as mentioned before I did think that the course talk was too long, and I only got to see one third of the Application, Finance and Housing Advise (Talk). The passion and enthusiasm didn’t come across when the tutor was talking about the course. I’m sure that even if I went to the Fashion Design Technology I would been told exactly what it said on their website. Even though there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions, at the given time I didn’t know what to ask.

I was a bit disappointed that I was not shown around the John Prince’s Street site, but what I did see of the campus gave me an impression of a place, that looks like a studio space or a work space, it had a very modern and industrial feel, which made me think of home.

I was shown around the Curtain Road site, I was surprised with the amount of space that was dedicated to production, although it did make me laugh, as it is an old building and with the amount of stairs and steps there were all over the place. I would definitely not be able so show my Mum around there, as it is nowhere near disabled friendly. The students that I talked to were full of enthusiasm and positive comments, I was told that it is always inspiring to talk to the tutors as they all have part time jobs in the fashion industry which helps them remain updated with the current trends. The atmosphere on the Curtain Road site seemed laid back compared to what I saw of the John Prince’s Street site and perhaps a more positive experience, one thing that did get me was; if you want a student life you have to seek it yourself and the Student Union is nothing to get excited about, but if you’re all about getting the best opportunities within your education this was the place to go…

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