28. nov. 2011

Kingston University


My impression of KU

The greeting was absolutely fantastic, the staff and students were really helpful. The ‘Top Tips’ session was very interactive, as they were testing their audience’s knowledge, while doing the talk. It was great that there were three students that represented the student voice – it was interesting to see the students’ point of view on the different subjects (Student Life, Accommodation and Finance).

The ‘Study Abroad’ talk was done by two students, which had experienced the exchange option. Having the opportunity to study or work abroad is definitely something that is on the high priority list.

My impression is that Kingston offer a great course, one thing that did put me off was when I first looked at the course, they didn’t have any entry requirements and when I turned up for the course talk, I suddenly got told that an Art and Design foundation course is really a must, unless you believe that you could be the exception to the rule.

Elinor Renfrew is a very passionate person and is really striving to keep the course place as one of the best in the UK and claims that they are in the same league as Central Saint Martins, Brighton and Westminster. She didn’t come across as one of the nicest people, as one the parents were asking a question, Elinor didn’t seem very impressed and clearly thought that she has just clarified that particular area.

After the course talk we were divided into three groups so we could get shown around the faculty, I wasn’t best impressed with how it was organized, I got the opportunity to flick through some of the students sketchbooks, which was really interesting, it gave an idea of what the level was and what sort of style the work would be in.



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