9. sep. 2011

Today I've just been cruising around the internet trying to get inspired, so I can create my capsule collection for All Saints. Not going as easy as I would have hoped for. Hopefully I'll be able to come some what closer to my final 10 outfits tomorrow, if I get that far I'll post some scans, to show you my favourite outfits... if that such thing will even exist. This project has got to be one of the worst I've done, when it comes to effort.
I did get told that I need a more relaxed approach for my summer project, I've just been TOO relaxed. And to tomorrow is really my last chance to finish the project as I'm going to Barton on Sunday, to wish my cousin good luck with moving to London to start at Rose Bruford uni...

I'll see how it goes...


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  1. you guys are so cute, i love the images on this blog