6. sep. 2011


Well, well, well! Back in the UK, well I arrived Sunday, but hey ho. Apologies for not having any pictures, but, I still have invested in a new camera... Don't really want to get into that.

fWent to the bank, how frustrating that I'm a costumer at Lloyds TSB and they wont except my Danish Visa, so I had to go to another one to withdraw the money, but they have a security factor, so I couldn't withdraw all the money that I wanted to - great! I guess I'll have to do the rest tomorrow.
Anyway it was my first ride on my bike down to Risborough since I've been back. Wasn't as hard as I expected, although I meet rain and heavy wind on my way. Could feel on the way back that I was struggling a bit.

Back to the humble Dean residence to do some more homework:
The assignment description is: To produce a capsule collection of 10 outfits for either All Saints or Burberry, take into account thier current customer, trends and styles.
Show back up drawings, research and a final 10 outfits.
If you have any questions please ask.

Late night shopping in Tesco after a nice meal, shepherds pie, that isn't something you normally get at home in Denmark. A little bit of drama here and there, that's all I'm going to give, because I mean this is just the Deans.



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