1. jun. 2011

May holdiday

Sorry for the quietness, but it is the May half term holiday and I'm spending most of my time either studying or chilling. And to say the least both of them are much needed. I know, studding much need? Really? Hm, yeah unfortunately I have loads to do and it seems as though that every little task takes ages to do.
But tomorrow I'll be going to the woods, with my auntie, cousin and their girl friends we'll be a round 12 girls! It's really quite sad I'll be spending lunchtime with a bunch of 12-year-olds (oh, wait the ones that have turned 13 this year, will get really offended if I call them 12-year-olds!) and their mothers! But hey, I'm sure it'll be great fun to act like a 12-13 year-old. Then back home... and hopefully refreshed and inspired to do some more homework!
Cannot believe this week has gone so fast, erhm yeah I know it's only Wednesday, although only for a few hours more.

Girl trip will with the college girls has been cancelled! I'm so bummed about that, but hey two of them are skin and the other one suddenly found out that she had double booked, and then there's sad little Hannah, who's got a little spare time and money to spend and her friends are in a poor state.
Argh to much self petty. Time to brush me teeth and spend so quality time with Mr. Harry Potter.

Good night world and sleep tight!


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