3. jun. 2011

Hard work...

Been working on my final collection line up... Hate doing them, seriously it takes bloody ages to do! So much work for a line-up, those tutors better appreciate it!!
More stuff that takes ages to do. So this is going to be a shouldler piece at some point... Soon, please?? Only have to cover all the grey bits with real leaves... explain later.
In case you were wondering these are trousers, attached the patches yesterday, more hard work and effort, baaah!
Argh see this is what I SHOULD be doing during my holiday, enjoying the summer evenings...
...And the garden. Spent most of the day in front of the computer, trying to finish of my collection line-up, no success though, hm... So after frying my brain most of the day, I decided that is was time to take a break. So watched Barnaby, I know, quite sad.. And then took Mr. Potter with me out into the garden and read for an hour, argh :)

I'm extremely tired no! Britain's Got Talent is in the background, I actually can't see the screen, but hey I can try and listen, while blogging, reading blogs and debating with myself it I should try and finish of my collection line-up now. Really can't be bothered.

To the dear people in Copenhagen hope you have enjoyed Distortion! Not that I have actually ever attended to one before, but it sounds like good fun, maybe in 2 years time when I 'home' for good? Anyone?

It has been a little strange not being home during this half term, been so use to going home, but hey, it has only been 3 days that have been different to normal, cause that's the only days that I go to college. I complain to much, I'll stop now.

Hope you're going to enjoy your weekend! Be out in the free and soak the sun up!

Btw where is Julie these days??? Must send her an email and ask her what she's up too!


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