2. apr. 2011

The world is strange...

So many things are going on in the world right know, and it seems like we are seeking into films, internet, music and what not to escape the reality.
Earthquakes, folds and politics.

Do you know someone that has been effected be these things?
I know someone that has been effected by the earthquakes in New Zealand, family and friends. Yes they do still have a home to live in, so they're alright.
But it most be so hard mentally, I feel helpless sitting in my bedroom trying to do my homework, while I'm listing to an old Coldplay album.
Today I just found out that the friends that my family here in England has, have decided to move to Australia, even though the have been fortunate that their house is still standing. And is functional.
They have discussed it a lot, there was some feeling, that hold them back in the beginning. They felt too lucky that they could afford to move to another country and escape the nightmare that they had been living in since September. It is their home and place that they adore and hates the thought of leaving.
They house is already sold and was on sale for less than a month. They have already found a place to live in Australia, they have told family and friends, their local church and the schools that their children goes to. They lives are going to change... and for the better.

My auntie and uncle that I'm staying with, also have their house on the market. And it has been since the end of January... there has been no viewings...

To something happier. It was my birthday on Wednesday, spend the day at college and with family when I came home. It's strange not having your Mum and Dad... and brother, waking you up singing happy birthday, just like they do at home. Although I should have thought I was getting use to this. It's been my third birthday away from Tune.
First time was spend on a school trip to Poland, and on my birthday we went to Auschwitz Concentration Camp and got told we weren't allowed to show any form of happiness. It was still at great day, cause all my classmate came in the morning and sang happy birthday, and they had all contributed to buy me a birthday present. It was so unexpected and it totally made my day.
Second year I did spend with my family, or I was a least closer to them. Just spend most of the day with one of my cousins in school so I could get a idea of what A-level textiles would be like.

Oh well in a weeks time I'll be back in Denmark for the Easter to see family and hopefully and few friends. Kind of sucks that the Danish students is first of almost a week later. So I'll first be able to see them, when they have finished at college. Since I can't wait for them to break up, because I'm going to France! Hurray! I'm so looking forward to some proper summer. Perhaps get a tan or something ;-)

Actually the weather as sincerely been lovely here in England this past week. To bad I spend most of my time inside, trying to motivate myself to do some homework.

Oh and at some point I'll post some pictures of my presents!


PS. Enjoy your weekend!

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