10. jan. 2011

Just another week


So everything is almost back to normal again, college routines.. Well haha actually my whole life is almost based on college and education, but hey thats just the kind of person that I am and I'm sure the Julie can verify that ;)
Things at college are starting to get a bit more exciting again since we are handing in two of our projects this week and I'll get some feedback on Thursday about my retail project, which I'm at the moment not very pleased with, hopefully my tutor can change my mind :)
Today I have had my first every Zumba class, haha can you believe it? It is quite fund and hopefully I'll go back again on Monday, in a short while I'll be heading to my Yoga class and I've also done some work and.... and... Julie there is a letter on it's way to you darling! So all in all I have been very productive to day and hopefully I'll keep the work up during the day.

And why the picture? Well, I said that I would show you what I got for x-mas, but since my camera is pretty damaged, I mean hallo look at the picture quality! Anyway I got a subscription for ELLE magazine from auntie J and uncle D.


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