20. jan. 2012

Endless Pockets #2


If I end up back in Denmark to further my education at university AND I will be studying at a uni that is located in Copenhagen, I have been dreaming for a while about getting a little wooden house in the garden, that could become a stakeout for sewing and creativity.
I would even bee cheeky enough to say that it is also a dream of my mothers and she would come out and do some painting. The tricky bit would be that a lot of these wooden houses doesn't have a lot of windows and light is essential! So perhaps a glass house is better? ;)

Although sharing a shed like this would become a constant battle between my mum and I, as I like mess and she is ultra tidy!

But it would have to be 'hyggelig' and strictly permitted for girls only, unless in situation where a man is needed.

If only I had endless pockets...


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