16. okt. 2011



Sorry for being a bit slow, I promised in the previous post that I would give a little review of U+WE, so here it is;

When I left University if West England I had a good feeling about it, it could offer me a lot of opportunities that you’re perhaps not able to find elsewhere. The Bower Ashton Campus is mainly for the Art and Design department, the campus is rather isolated in relation to the other campuses under University of West England. My impression was from listening to the other students that are currently studying at this campus, was that they didn’t really interact with the other campuses as they were so far away from them, but there was a great unity amongst the Art and Design students. The atmosphere of the place was great; the staff is friendly and talkative. My only concern is that they told us during the Course Talk, that we would be learning everything from scratch, as by the end of this course that I’m currently doing and would already have the basics, and it wouldn’t be enough of a challenge to study there. After the talk I was able to catch up with the Course Director and I told him about my concerns and asked if the course still could be the right one for me. He assured me that there would be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the situation and I could instead be improving the skills that I wasn’t so good at or perhaps look at something more challenging.

Yesterday I went to London College of Fashion, there will be a review of that coming up soon! Have patience with me.



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