16. jun. 2011


While I was researching some stuff for my new retail project: "Play", I randomly stumbled over the website spredbudskabet.dk, and as I'm Danish, okay I haven't been living in the country for a while. But hey I still feel slightly embarrassed that I didn't know I about this project! Now I have become friends with them on Facebook. They send me a little positive quote a day and it's all about trying to spread these messages, you can either do it via social networks or you can sponsor them, by donating money, so they can hang posters around Denmark with the message or make sort films, like the above to put on TV! I think it is a great project.

Anyway, sorry to all the non Danish readers to be posting this.

On the other hand this week as been going.. oh so well! (Feel the sarcasm!)
You've already heard about the camera, now my cousin has lost her phone at school (yesterday) and they still haven't found it. And now on my way to college this afternoon on the bus, I realized that I had forgotten my CA project. But like I said to my auntie at least the sun came out on my journey down to Risborough... and the deadline for the project is first tomorrow!

What else is going on i my life?
Well one of the bigger things, is that I now have to choose for what I want to focus on next year - Construction or Retail (I apologize if I've already talked about this before). And the thing is in the beginning I was really sure that I wanted to do Construction, but now I'm suddenly in doubt.
I get really good comments in Retail from my tutor and she says that I would become a great retailer some day. And I've really enjoyed both subjects. You hate some projects in one and hate some in the other. But there will always be ups and downs.
Talked to my form tutor, who's also my retail tutor about the situation. She told me that I would do great in both subjects (a smile came to my face, but at the same time I sighed..) Although she did think that retail would come easier to me as I have logical mind, and construction would be more of a challenge, because I would really have to push myself next year to think out of the box. I told her that I always wanted to become a fashion designer - and that's why I've travelled 800 miles to be at this course, but I still really want to be open minded about the whole retail side. Never really thought about that aspect before I started the course. She recommended that I should look at what options I would have back home, as I'm going home for uni. Is there even any course for Visual Merchandising or Fashion Communication in Denmark? Well I don't know, guess I'll have to figure it out.
Ideally I should have made up my mind by tomorrow, but can't see that happening.
Tomorrow I'm going to have a chat with the second year retail tutor Alison and I'll also (hopefully) have a chat with the creative director David. Wish me luck!


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