27. jun. 2011

I Look Like a Fish

As I went to college Friday to hand in some work, I bumped into Mel, who asked if I had a few minutes. She have me this photo with the message on the back and a packet of Toblerone. She edited the photo on Photoshop and like the title says, I think I look like a fish, or at least not as human as I was before she started to edit the photo!
Haha, must say that my hair looks strange too!

The beer festival went really well, loads of people, beer and live music. The atmosphere was great and it was so nice to see the whole family working together, 4 of my cousins and a boyfriend were behind the bar, I sold food tickets and my other cousin (Shannon) ran around doing all sorts. The rest of the weekend consisted of the usual.

This is the week, the final countdown. Last week at college for me, well only for my first year anyway. Cannot believe how fast it has gone. I'll be handing in 3 projects this week. My parents + brother will arrive to the UK on Wednesday night, but will first be seeing them Thursday, as I need to go to college.
Friday I'll be going to a parents evening thing in the morning and in the evening I'll be going to an Aylesbury College exhibition, where some of my stuff with be exhibited.

Busy week, not so much sleep, Mac that goes into spasms, because there's too many programs running and suddenly decides to do an update on several programs, software updating and then Time Machine also complains, all at the same time! Gaah! Madness in the house, telling you, I've been moaning most of the day, if not ALL day!

I'll update you on the rest of my week later!


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