8. jun. 2011


I made some cupcakes, so my cousin and I had something nice for our lunch boxes... mmh..
Progress on my soon to become shoulder piece, the FINAL, FINAL deadline is on Tuesday! And I AM going to FINISH it by then. Honestly no worries at all :)
In Digital I'm currently working on building up a portfolio, took some pictures of my window marquette in the photo studio. Personally I think they turned out pretty cool :) What do you think?
I know that you've seen some of these things before. But they have all changed a little bit since the last time. And what has changed here??? I have got light holes in it now! The effect is fantastic! Look at those amazing shadows!
I'm loving it, are you??

Cupcakes are actually not the only thing that I have cooked this week! I also did some homemade pizza with my cousin. It was delicious!

The biggest stress has passed now, all the major projects are being handed in this week... and where there is an end there is a beginning - new projects, more on that later.

Hope you've enjoyed your week so far :)


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