27. maj 2011

Earth calling

Yup I'm still alive. So here is the to-do-list after I have worked on it since the weekend and until yesterday. So as you might have noticed I haven't done everything I needed to do, which is a real pain in the bum! But hey happy holidays I can do all the missing work over my half term May holiday, wuup wuup - NOT! At least it is a good job I'm (unfortunately not) returning to Denmark this holiday, as I have LOADS of work to do. And work that wouldn't be suitable to bring in a suitcase.

Don't worry I wont let you miss out on anything I've been up to this week, you will probably slowly spammed by me, hope you don't mind, haha!

Have a great weekend! And for all I know there are some VERY lucky people that has already gone on summer holiday! Damn you lucky b******s!


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